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Our next introductory class:

If you can't see this, learn more Kabbalah...

"The High Holidays Seminar." Join Aish Australia this Wednesday night for an incredible opportunity to get the inside scoop on Rosh Hashana. With less than 4 weeks to go, it's time to start preparing for the High Holidays. What is the significance of Rosh Hashana? Why do I need to prepare for the new year? Why is the Jewish New Year two days? What's with the animal horn thing? If I don't like apples & honey can I swap them for bagels and smoked salmon? The answers to all these questions and more! In less than 90 minutes we can make your High Holidays (and your whole year in fact!) a meaningful growth experience.

"The High Holidays Seminar."
Wednesday, 3 September, 8pm at 46 Balaclava, E St Kilda

Our next graduate class:

If you can't see this, learn more Kabbalah...

"How To Make Lasting Change." New Year's resolutions usually don't work, because: (a) It's hard to change, and (b) You only think of them five minutes before New Years, at which point you get TOTALLY PLASTERED and can't remember what you did last night when you finally wake up the next afternoon! Just like physical training, there are rules for how to increase your emotional and spiritual strength. Join us Tuesday night to learn how to write a year plan that actually works.

"How To Make Lasting Change."
Tuesday, 9 September, 8:30pm at 46 Balaclava Road, East St Kilda


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