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If you can't see this, learn more Kabbalah...

Jewish Pluralism. Wednesday, 10 December at 8:00pm, 46 Balaclava Road

There are many streams of Judaism being practiced in the world today, including Orthodox, Hareidi, Litvish,Modern Orthodox, Traditional, Ashkenazi, Sefardi, Teimani, Hasidic, Conservative, Masorti, Liberal, Reform, Progressive, Renewal, Reconstructionist, Humanistic, Neolog, Jewish Science, J-for-J, Messianic and Karaite. WOW, that is a lot! What makes them similar to each other and what makes them different from each other? And most importantly, how do we know which streams are legitimate? Join us this week as we discuss Jewish Pluralism.

Our next graduate class:

If you can't see this, learn more Kabbalah...

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46 Balaclava Road, East St Kilda


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