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Jewish Learning

Regular classes are taught by Rabbis Andrew Saffer and Jon Neumann. The classes combine lots of ingredients: interesting topics, mixed with a good sense of humour, multimedia, and a bucket of audience participation.

The beauty of these classes is that you can ask all those questions that you've been dying to find good answers for. Our approach is to give you an answer that you'll feel comfortable and satisfied with. Plus, there's always good nosh on the night!


Our next introductory class:

If you can't see this, learn more Kabbalah...

Jealousy, envy and Satan ('I'll have what she's having') Jealousy is an ugly, destructive creature who's more than willing to devour us if we're not careful. And envy is the only emotion to get star billing in the Ten Commandments. Join us Wednesday as we examine how to healthily manage the incredible power that is both jealousy and envy. Jealousy, envy and Satan ('I'll have what she's having')

Wednesday, 30 April, 8pm

Our next graduate class:

If you can't see this, learn more Kabbalah...

Ethics of the Fathers - continues.

One of our favorite parts of the entire Torah is the section called Pirke Avot. Literally translated as "Ethics of the Fathers" it is the section of the Mishna that deals with character traits, ethics and interpersonal relationships. Join us for a discussion based on the Torah's advice for how to be the best person you can be.

Pirke Avot continues after Pesach
46 Balaclava Road, East St Kilda


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